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::Tm tnh v kỷ niệm

THE CHANGE Tm tnh v kỷ niệm
Mar 22 2009 / BaoLoc

THE CHANGE      FOR "TUOI TRE"                   WRITING CONTEST IN 2007

After quitting my job for a company, at the age of 35 having almost nothing feeling bored of the hash life, I started work as a free lance painter and photographer then in the evening I had some timeto take English classes and nobody, even myself, believes that I became a teacher of English one year later as the first great change in my life.

In class, I was the one who tried to practice with my teacher. At high school and college I did not understand at all. It was such a challenge for me. I sometimes while working or having meals thought of a question then later in class I asked him to perform it. After 6 months, I took A level exam and passed with an excellence grade. Two months later I was invited to teach for the center where I had been learning. Nothing in the world could stop me from learning every moment since then. As time went by, I got B and C level and graduated from a distance-learning college of Ha Noi foreign language university in 1998 at the age of 44.

I spent all my time listening to almost everything I could get ranging from VOA special English, Radio Japan, BBC, TOEFL. And I stopped on the street to talk to foreigners at any time. I wrote anything in English and I organized some clubs by myself not mentioning any coming members.

I was asked to teach some special classes. The first one was for a group of doctors. The second one was for a mixed class in the town church. The third was a children class. Once volunteer American female teacher took my Vietnamese class at home. Also at home, my learner brought some travelers to talk to and myself nade friend later. I had a good study habit. While at high school, I could get up early as one o'clock to train myself to get into college so can I now get up at 3:30 to study English. I have recorded almost any listening material I find interesting. I buy any tapes or CDs I choose. I have got over 700 cassette tapes and 50 CDs of English.

I never deny any kind of learners from a 5-year old child to an English major priest or a medical doctor studying abroad very soon or even an illiterate person.

I could work from as early as 5 o'clock sharp till as late as 11 PM with each learner. I never refuse to translate any document or letter. I could work well as an interpreter for the hospital at any time they need my help.

With the love for music I could translate some songs from Vietnamese to English to teach. Then I could write some lyrics to make a change. Besides, I have assigned a lot of grammatical problems in notebooks to make English easier as I have wished. One thing I wish to do now is that I would be able to teach at a university or for any foreign organization somewhere to train myself harder and to learn more languages.

It would be another amazing change in my life.

                                                                                                                                              Jul 16, 07

                                                                                                                                 THANH LƯƠNG TL-74


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